Re: Cold Deceptions

Date: Sun, 05 Nov 1995 13:36:27 EST

>Hmmm, Well, as of lately I've seen a few samurai kittens, but no Ninjas,
>in fact the ninja part was just a joke. So stop freaking out and thinking
>that I'm pointing at you.. Okay? [DIE DIE DIE! hehe]

It's funny that the part that was a joke applied to my story, as well as
all the others...<grinds teeth>

>"Reinforcements!" muttered Sally as the teams of SWAT-bots came charging
>in, surrounding her. Their metal gleaming evily in the moonlight.
>"Don't worry!" yelled Thad, the
>human-from-second-reality-earth, "I'll save you!"

You got two right, at least: "Robot" and "from second-reality earth". Of
course, who's to say it's second-reality and not sixty-fifth or
centillionth? When there's an infinite number of realities, it's kinda
hard to number 'em all.


(I didn't even MAKE UP my character! I stole him from a game, okay?! So
quit attacking me for originality!)

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