Re: offical email about the perv picture

Date: Sun, 05 Nov 95 13:09:00 -0500

-> If the shoe fits, wear it. Taking the pictures off that were in bad
-> taste was one thing, I can agree with that; but asking that you
-> remove the other pictures unless you get permission from Sega is not
-> only unethical, it's probably illegal. I mean, that's like saying
-> no-one's allowed to express that they like Sonic unless they sit
-> around 24-7 playing through all the games again and again. If those
-> fools try to cripple the site, I'm not getting a Nomad (which I was
-> considering) and never even renting a Saturn (I wasn't planning on
-> buying one anyway). I might even cancel my subscription to the
-> comic, since Sega gets a % of that! And, of course, that wouldn't be
-> the last of it. If they keep this crap up, I'd reduce myself to one
-> of the lowest blows possible: spamming. I'd give 'em bad publicity
-> on every newsgroup I possibly could! I'd ask all my friends to
-> attack 'em on their sites! I'd dis 'em so much, Nintendo would vote
-> me man of the year!!!!!! <VBG>

i agree that is insane! It looks to me that Sega is trying to be like
Disney. Pulling people into court who just want to show that they like
something? It won't be long before they start shuting down Orpenages for
puting up there own sonic drawing. Now I can agree about geting rid of
the sonic porn. I allways hated that stuff. And you should be glad I
never uploaded that one gory sonic Pic I found. But just the innocent
little screen shots and drawings and all that. ahh!

well if they contenue to fight to get the rest of the sonic stuff taken
off everyone should log in and download as much as posable :>

Well that's all I have to say.

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