Re: Cold Deceptions

From: Simon Howes <>
Date: Sun, 5 Nov 1995 11:35:55 +0200

Whoohaay! This is like one of them court-room things brohhay!

>>Whohaaay, relax everyone, I didn't say there was anything wrong with
>>adding characters, having ninjas, or having sad parts, I simply said that
>>my story wasn't going to go down those lines. Hey, a story, that I'm still
>>fixing up makes me feel real bad because Sonic isn't in it enough.. he's
>>in about 40K of the 120K
>Sorry, but it seemed to me like you were pointing fingers, and most of 'em
>seemed to be pointed at that I think about it, when you said
>"ninjas" you must have been referring to Kabuki, and I would say take that
>up with her creator instead of me, except she lost Fraudigy...the GOOD news
>(in the opinions of a few) is that, for that reason, her character (which I
>admit to liking) won't be in too many new stories...she has a REALLY
>IMPORTANT part in one of my Ignition Factor stories (small, but really
>important nonetheless), and I'm not about to exclude her and replan the
>whole thing, but I guess I can exclude the Siamese cat in all the others...

Hmmm, Well, as of lately I've seen a few samurai kittens, but no Ninjas, in
fact the ninja part was just a joke. So stop freaking out and thinking that
I'm pointing at you.. Okay? [DIE DIE DIE! hehe]

But on the serious side, we all do add our own chracters, usually these
characters represent ourselves. For instance the character I dictate in the
square brackets it known of in my stories as Marken Psantis.
[Yep, I'm Si's evil twin brother. Meaning I'm stuck with the weed!]
[So, could you stop flaming him man.. or at least do it in priv8]
[That way we can latch the Morone-mailer onta ya maan!]

>Amaroq, if you even pay attention to the list anymore, back me up here! I
>KNOW you're always one to rise to Jill's defense!

"Reinforcements!" muttered Sally as the teams of SWAT-bots came charging in,
surrounding her. Their metal gleaming evily in the moonlight.
"Don't worry!" yelled Thad, the
n-from-second-reality-earth, "I'll save you!"

There exists in life a limit for humour, violence and logic.
Fortunately I haven't found the violence one yet.


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