Re: Game Development team

From: Simon Howes <>
Date: Sun, 5 Nov 1995 11:36:00 +0200

>Well if you need drrrect mail to make it official I can do that. but I
>whould be glad to be a Beta Tester for it. I am good at finding cheats
>and little holes in games. Akso if you want to add something like a 1st
>persion level or so I can legaly get you rthe source codes for Wolf3d as
> examples or so. But other thean that I can just be a tester.

Cool Bro, Yeah, I got the wolfie source already.. though I couldn't make
head or "Tails" of it.. I program in Pascal and Asm, so that C stuff.. while
I can
understand it.. is less than natural to me. At the moment, I am updating my
LTS sound system to support the AWE32.. AHHAHAHAH!

About copyrights, God help us.. We're going to need a miracle.. As soon as
you send them any mail. They're going to see only two words.. no matter how
far you space them apart: Sonic, Game.

Though the game will not really be based so much on our blue spiked friend,
but more on the Mobian freedom fighters themselves.. Who we the players will
be converted to. [ZZZTTT.. NO! NOT THE PLAYERIZER!]
I should probably do the talking to SEGA, it would be easier for me to
convey the idea.. But still, hey.. I'm open to suggestions.

Oh, and by the way.. those nasty pics. If any of you thought that SEGA are
warm hearted.. think again.. ambitious! You know what they did to Julius
Caesar in the Shakespear play when he got ambitious?
Well, let me say is this way rather:

Due to a business alliance with Sega and distibuters in the small country of
South Africa. Very few South Africans have heard of the Super Nintendo game
machine, as such these game machines are not even available as of yet in
South Africa, and Sega continues to sell the Mega Drive and 16 bits cartridges.

Yups, no one here even knows what a SNES is! So SEGA are going to push it
with Microsoft soon for planet Domination.

Oh, did I say something bad.. sorry.. wasn't me.. was my schitzo personality.

Marken Psantis [I want control of the body next!]

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