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Date: Thu, 27 Jul 95 13:32:00 -0500

Ok I think I will agree with 2 earler posts that a good song for tails
whould be that one song they for flight seens in movies. (Forgot the
name but my dad has a record of it somewhere:) And the theam form Weird
Science is good for rotor. But if you are talking about game theams here
is a list i came up with. This is form Sonic 2 all you do is play thease
games in Sound Test

Sonic :05,0E,16,17
Sally :0C,10
Tails :01,06,0D,0F,15
Rotor :03
Bunny :07
Antoine :08,0B

You might see them difrently but the songs that play for thoes #s remind
me of thoe charectors.

BTW: Where in the game is Song 10 from. I don't remember hearing it in
the game.

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