Re: Sonic music...

Date: Thu, 27 Jul 1995 16:15:27 EDT

>You know... long ago on this list I heard at one time a 'live-action Sonic
>movie' was being considered (but was never made). I really have to wonder
>how to 'visualize' such a thing. Would they dress actors up to 'sorta'
>look like the characters (e.g. Mario Brother's movie) or would they make
>Sonic computer animated, or would they use the 'Howard the Duck' approach.
>Would they keep Jameel White (that Urkel guy) as the voice of Sonic?
>Lately I've been curious about this movie.

I heard something about it a year or so ago, but don't know any more than
you do...I think the coolest idea would be to use computer rendering, with
maybe a couple real people...


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