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Fred Sloniker <> asks:
> I've got two questions for you Sonic-philes, one game-related, one
> comic/show-related:
> (a) Which of the game tunes from Sonics 1, 2, 3, K, CD, et cetera are
> your absolute favorites?

Hrm.. I only have Sonic 1, 2, and 3 (I rented S&K though)...

I don't remember much from Sonic 1 since its been a while since I played
it. I think that 'Star Light Zone' is my favorite from that game but
I'd probably have to listen to them again to make sure.

>From Sonic 2, I liked the music from Chemical Plant and Metropolis Zones
the best. Oil Ocean runs a close third for me... I didn't like it until
I 'screwed up' the 'select any level' trick and somehow made the game
play the Oil Ocean theme ALL THE TIME (with no other jumping or ring
grabbing sounds). It gave the entire game an eerie feeling.

I liked the Sonic 2 'finale' music as well (when the credits are rolling).

A friend of mine decided to 'tape' some of the music from Sonic 2 and he
played it in his car. Sonic 2's 'bonus round' music was VERY appropriate
for the winding road we were on. Now if there were rings on the road to
drive over... wait a minute.. if there's road construction we could've
used CONES! :) [i guess we're lucky there wasn't any road construction]

Fom Sonic 3? Hrm. I liked several of the scores but there's no question
about it. My absolute favorite has to be the 'finale' music (while the
credits are rolling). Its my favorite for all Sonic games I've seen so far.

Sonic & Knuckles... I rented this so I haven't gotten to hear ALL the music
but my favorites are the Mushroom Hill zone music, and the level with the
sand and those stupid ghosts. Another favorite score (when playing Sonic)
is when Knuckles pops out of his hiding place to check out what's going on
(RIGHT at the beginning). Something about this whole beginning sequence
practically 'defines' what I like about the world of Sonic.

I haven't seen Chaotix, Triple Trouble, or Sonic CD so I have no opinions
on these.

> (b) What music makes you think of the various members of the Freedom
> Fighters and/or the Empire (excuse me, Robotnik's forces)? I'm
> particularly looking for something for Tails, whom I haven't quite come up
> with the perfect piece for. Joke names okay ('Do Run Run' for Sonic?),
> but I'm thinking more of music that *sounds* like the character.


I'd have to listen to lots of music while thinking about this before I
could decide for sure.

For Sonic, maybe one of those high speed 'Techno' songs.
Robin Hood suggested:
> Sir Charles: "Mr. Roboto" by Styx
Maybe something by Kraftwerk would be better :)

David Pistone suggested:
> "Weird Science" by Oingo Boingo for Rotor. :)
I dunno.. Rotor's not THAT crazy.

How about the French National Anthem for Antoine.

Christ suggests:
> For Tails it's easy: "Flight of the Valkyries" :)
Yes, I can see it now... Tails wearing one of those horned Viking helmets
singing opera.

> And with a few slight changes to his DNA, it could be the theme from
the movie "Airwolf" :):)
I actually like this suggestion :) Maybe for an 'adult' Tails though.
You definitly need something 'cuter' for Tails. :)

You know... long ago on this list I heard at one time a 'live-action Sonic
movie' was being considered (but was never made). I really have to wonder
how to 'visualize' such a thing. Would they dress actors up to 'sorta'
look like the characters (e.g. Mario Brother's movie) or would they make
Sonic computer animated, or would they use the 'Howard the Duck' approach.
Would they keep Jameel White (that Urkel guy) as the voice of Sonic?
Lately I've been curious about this movie. [also.. on an unrelated topic..
wasn't a 'Lost in Space' movie planned?.. What happened to it?]

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