The Void

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Date: Mon, 22 May 1995 22:40:14 GMT

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-> Subject: The Void
-> We know that Uncle Chuck had good reasons for inventing the device th
-> Julian stole and made into the roboticizer.
-> But why was the Void invented? I don't see how it would serve any us
-> purpose to the inhabitants of Mobius.
-> It also seems that the Void moves from one second-season episode to
-> another. Robotnik has some control over it, but how is he able to mo
-> it from where it was in "Game Guy" to where it was in "The Void"?
-> And what is it anyway? The Void cannot be a black hole because it is
-> escapable, life goes on within it, and it isn't black. When Ari got
-> sucked in, Sally called it a vortex (makes sense) and that someday th
-> would figure it out (like the Void is a puzzle of some sort) and rele
-> him. But Sally shouldn't have had any trouble realizing what Ari was
-> going into because her father had already gone in years ago. It does
-> seem that The Void changes so much, so often that it can't be recogni
    Hey, it wasn't invented, it was discovered (by Naugas) and Robotnik
co-opted it as an inescpable prision. Sally might call is a vortex
because the opening to the void dimension IS a vortex. Simple, neh?

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