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> If anyone does have theories on what the Void is, maybe a parallel reality
> or a pocket universe, I would _LOVE_ to hear them.
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What intrigues me about the Void is a small detail: Naugus referred to
it by another name: Sanctuary. As much of a prison as it might be, it
appears to serve some purpose. It doesn't help that Naugus' character
was somewhat ill-defined in his only appearance in the series. His
grievance against Robotnik is clear enough, but is he evil or just
spiteful? He also looks (you'll forgive me) thrown together on the
cheap: the lobster claw and single horn appear to be particularly
pointless. Frankly, he looks more ridiculous than impressive, and
"impressive" is the effect you hope to achieve if you're a wizard.

I also feel that there's some tie-in between the preoccupation with
gemstones (from the Time Stones to the Chaos Emeralds) and the
crystalline appearance of the place. Perhaps the Void is where the
various stones are "born" before being placed in the Mobian world.

I've been working on a story which will be an apocalypse: how things end
once and for all. As a result, I've been trying to cobble together
Mobian mythology (with not much success from a systematic point of
view). Still, the story would involve mythical elements involving the
Chaos Emeralds as well as the Master Emerald [which I call "The Blood
Stone" for reasons a little too gory to go into at the moment]. The
Void doesn't figure into the plot -- not yet, at any rate. But going
back to the previous paragraph, perhaps the Void is where the fate of
Mobius was originally conceived until Robotnik's intervention. Mobius,
then, would stand at the crossroads between three distinct futures:
continuation of life under Robotnik, a return to pre-Robotnik
conditions, and simply dissolving into Chaos and destruction. The Void,
IMO, is neither a parallel universe nor an alternate reality: rather, it
plays an as yet undefined role in Mobian cosmology.

Sorry to sound so academic about it.
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