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From: Robert Haynie <>
Date: Tue, 23 May 1995 15:36:51 GMT

-> In the 2-part episode "Blast to the Past," Robotnik cast King Acorn
-> Void, (I guess that the King's last words, "You'll pay for this, Juli
-> rang true in "Doomsday." Too bad we'll never know for sure.) but sinc
-> was only 5 and was busy being protected by her future 15 year old sel
-> don't think either of them found out what happened to their father un
-> Void."
-> Although, I don't understand how the King could have been at Ironloc
-> in the Great Swamp, where Sal and Sonic later find the evidence of hi
-> presence there. ("Sonic Boom") I assume he must've been there before
-> coup, because I also assume from the events in "Blast..." that Robotn
-> captured him immediately.
    Well, how about this... Obviously, the whole Coup adventure didn't
take place in a one hour space. Robotnik held King Acorn for a few
hours at Irongate, until he could open the Void there to transfer him
into it. Irongate, even unused, was (and is) a pretty secure place,
and was quite possibly used for holding many prisoners temporarily. IN
fact, it's quite likely that Robotnik performed all of his Void
experements at Irongate, it being an out of the way place that was
easily secured. While there, King Acorn managed to hide the few things
he could-- perhaps even escaped for a few moments, only to be
recaptured and exiled into the Void. That work for anyone?

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