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>But why was the Void invented? I don't see how it would serve any useful
>purpose to the inhabitants of Mobius.

 What I recall from "The Void" is Nagus's statement he discovered the Void,
but, he did later state that Robotnik invented the means to enter it. I
imagine that Doc R.'s motives for doing so were to have a handy place to
banish political prisoners without hope of rescue, such as Sally's father,
King Acorn.

>It also seems that the Void moves from one second-season episode to
>another. Robotnik has some control over it, but how is he able to move
>it from where it was in "Game Guy" to where it was in "The Void"?

 Since Sonic could leave the Void from any point within, I think it's logical
to assume that the Void could be entered from any point in Mobian
"normal-space." Robotnik could concevably position the equipment to open the
Void vortex anywhere.

>But Sally shouldn't have had any trouble realizing what Ari was
>going into because her father had already gone in years ago. It doesn't
>seem that The Void changes so much, so often that it can't be recognized.

 In the 2-part episode "Blast to the Past," Robotnik cast King Acorn into the
Void, (I guess that the King's last words, "You'll pay for this, Julian!"
rang true in "Doomsday." Too bad we'll never know for sure.) but since Sally
was only 5 and was busy being protected by her future 15 year old self, I
don't think either of them found out what happened to their father until "The
 Although, I don't understand how the King could have been at Ironlock Prison
in the Great Swamp, where Sal and Sonic later find the evidence of his former
presence there. ("Sonic Boom") I assume he must've been there before the
coup, because I also assume from the events in "Blast..." that Robotnik
captured him immediately.

 If anyone does have theories on what the Void is, maybe a parallel reality
or a pocket universe, I would _LOVE_ to hear them.

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