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-> Within a message posted on Tue, May 23, 1995, Robert Haynie wrote:
-> > Well, how about this... Obviously, the whole Coup adventure didn
-> >take place in a one hour space. Robotnik held King Acorn for a few
-> >hours at Irongate, until he could open the Void there to transfer hi
-> >into it. Irongate, even unused, was (and is) a pretty secure place,
-> >and was quite possibly used for holding many prisoners temporarily.
-> >fact, it's quite likely that Robotnik performed all of his Void
-> >experements at Irongate, it being an out of the way place that was
-> >easily secured. While there, King Acorn managed to hide the few thi
-> >he could-- perhaps even escaped for a few moments, only to be
-> >recaptured and exiled into the Void. That work for anyone?
-> I like this theory, but I think that I see a potential hole. Robotnik
-> portal room, which was shown in "Blast to the Past" and "The Void," (
-> cool hieroglyphics) should be nearby; somewhere in Robotropolis where
-> could power it easily and feel most secure. (Note: Snively still has
-> the "The Void" flashback, so it logicaly would take place before Soni
-> into the picture, (Sonic blows past-Snively's hair off - "Blast to th
-> so Robotnik has no reason to doubt his own security, yet.) IMHO, of c
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    Well, maybe, but again, teh Void is a dangerous place. Robotnik
might have planned it far away from his base so as to keep things safe.
Also, since he planned to betray Naugas, he may have wanted to keep the
fact of the void's existance as secret as possible, and where better
than the abandoned Irongate?
    Besides, if Naugas should escape, Ol' round guy would NOT want him
to do that anywhere near his center of power...

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