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> Well, how about this... Obviously, the whole Coup adventure didn't
>take place in a one hour space. Robotnik held King Acorn for a few
>hours at Irongate, until he could open the Void there to transfer him
>into it. Irongate, even unused, was (and is) a pretty secure place,
>and was quite possibly used for holding many prisoners temporarily. IN
>fact, it's quite likely that Robotnik performed all of his Void
>experements at Irongate, it being an out of the way place that was
>easily secured. While there, King Acorn managed to hide the few things
>he could-- perhaps even escaped for a few moments, only to be
>recaptured and exiled into the Void. That work for anyone?

I like this theory, but I think that I see a potential hole. Robotnik's Void
portal room, which was shown in "Blast to the Past" and "The Void," (w/ the
cool hieroglyphics) should be nearby; somewhere in Robotropolis where he
could power it easily and feel most secure. (Note: Snively still has hair in
the "The Void" flashback, so it logicaly would take place before Sonic came
into the picture, (Sonic blows past-Snively's hair off - "Blast to the Past")
so Robotnik has no reason to doubt his own security, yet.) IMHO, of course.

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