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Date: Wed, 24 May 95 12:41:43 CDT

Hello fellow Sonic Mailing-Listers...

Since Archie decided to do a few things different this time I decided to
try something different with the summary for Sonic Issue #25.

Oh.. by the way.. Anyone else notice what looks like a Super Nintendo in the
pile of junk in the foreground of the Sonic & Knuckles 48-page special?


There's just one 4-part story in this 'silver' 25th issue titled
--[ Go Ahead... Mecha My Day! ]--

Script: (the return of) Mike Gallagher Penciling: Pat (Spaz) Spaziante
Inking: Harvey (Harvo) Mercadoocasio Lettering: Mindy Eisman
Coloring: Barry Grossman Cover Coloring: Heroic Age
Editor: Scott Fulop Managing Editor: Victor Gorelick
Editor-In-Chief: Richard Goldwater

  This story is heavily based on the Sonic CD game. Here the freedom fighters
discover Ivo Robotnik's new "zone portal".. the "Collision Chaos Zone".
  To lure Sonic in the zone Robotnik kidnap's Sonic's biggest fan... none
other than that pink hedgehog, AMY ROSE. Tails is sent to investigate the
zone from the air and he too becomes Robotnik's captive. (tied back-to-back
with Amy... Ouch! watch the spines!)
  That's when Sonic goes into action. To rescue Amy and Tails, he must race
through these new zones and challenge Robotnik's newest creation, the
jet-powered Mecha-Sonic!

  Spaz has gone a bit.. well.. spaz in this issue. The layout's a bit
different and we're given lots of close-up face shots, silhouettes, (and
lots of Robotnik's teeth). Some of the poses and angles seem a bit awkward
but overall I like this layout.

[Product Placement watch: Knuckles Chaotix, Sega Saturn (Virtua Fighters)]

  The credit page (last page) features a collage of characters...
lets see if I can find em all...
  Robotnik, Badniks and other Sonic Foes: Dr. Ivo Robotnik, Snively, Swatbots,
Roboticized Uncle Chuck, Roboticized Muttski, Dark Princess Sally, Grounder,
Caterkiller, Coconuts, Mecha-Sonic, Robo-Sonic, Dark Biker Rotor, Knuckles.
  Sonic and other Goodniks: Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles 'Tails' Prower, Rotor,
Princess Sally, Sir Charles (Uncle Chuck), Muttski, Antoine D'Coolette,
King Acorn, Arlo, Penelope, Hamlin, Dylan, Bunny Rabbot, Geoffrey St. John,
and last but not least: Amy Rose.

  Special Features:
--[ ProArt ]--
  The staff at Archie Comics show off their own Sonic drawings.

--[ Sonic-Grams ]--
  No letters!! The whole page is dedicated to announcements from and about
the Archie crew. They again announce a few specials coming soon:
  "Sonic Triple Trouble" and "Knuckles Chaotix" 48-page specials.
  "Knuckles" and "Tails" mini-series (We're all waiting for that last one).

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