Origin of Friendship

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>>I'd like to think that they were friends as
>>kids as the bond they share is far too strong to be forged just
>>during their academy days.

>They couldn't have been friends as kids..
>In "Bright & Shiny Future", Chance is telling Jake about Pops and
>newspaper stand, and how he grew up in the neighborhood. Unless of
>they became friends later, after Chance had to move away with his
parents or

> -Matt

Yeah, I noticed that, too. I've always imagined they grew up together.
 When you
really look into Jake's character, you realize he probably wouldn't
have made the
decision to go into the enforcers by himself. He needed a bud to back
him. In
a coming-of-age story I actually am writing for English class, I
explain my theories
on their origins. Chance (in my little world) grew up on the streets
as a rough-
around-the-edges city kid, but moved to the suburbs and met Jake when
he was
probably into early teens. I imagine that Jake was probably more of a
wimp and
Chance was more of a bully when they first met, and their
personalities sort of
blended with eachother after a while.

For English Class, of course, I simply won't bother to mention
they're kats. To the
teacher it'll look like 2 kids named Jake and Chance. If I edit it
after it's completion
and post it on the rat site, I'll make a few adjustments. Example:
the word "hands" in
the original version would become "paws" and so on.

Just for the offical word, an Animato! article (that I have not seen
myself) said
they met up in enforcers, but since it was not mentioned on the show
itself I consider
the topic up for grabs.

                                                  Dr. Jake

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