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>I have always believed (though this totally goes against the show and
>I know
>it) tht Hackle should have been Jake's father and that's the way it
>is in ALL
>my fanfics. I think I mentioned that before on this list. Does Hackle
>seem to
>be a very violent guy? Uh uh.

Funny, but add about 60 years to Jake and a few brain cells missing-in-action,
and you wind up with Hackle, no? Hackle's quite the inventor - so's Jake; Hackle
had a past filled with weapons of every description used against foes - just as
you could describe Jake's life in the present tense. Odd, huh?

>Hmmm, is the suburbs of MegaKat was shown in "Unlikely Alloys"?
>Dunno. I hated the animation in this episode so I've only forced
>myself to watch it a few times, and I never looked close enough to notice the

Grr. Diff'rent strokes, I guess. I don't know whether I would've picked those
"blocky" character models for the entire 65 ep run, but I really liked that ep.

>Yeah, I probably meant 'sensitive.' Oh well.

>What I mean is Jake got tougher by being around Chance, and
>Chance got--well, I don't want to use the term "softer". How 'bout
>"more polite?"

The way I read it, Jake wouldn't likely have considered an Enforcer career
without the persuasion of friends, family members etc. I imagine Jake in school
would be somewhat reluctant to resort to violence in self-defence - even if
picked on - whereas Chance would possess the self-confident air that would
render him immune to being "picked on" at all. Their partnership is very
complementary in nature, with the character traits of the one counterbalancing
the equivalent lack of them in the other. Jake would learn some aspects of
the way Chance deals with situations and modify some of his behaviour
accordingly - perhaps realizing that some situations *must* necessitate other
than a negotiated peace. Chance on the other hand would learn to temper
his behaviour somewhat and maybe explore other avenues before throwing the
milk-can through the TV in disgust, or blowing something to smithereens that
merely needed a good spanking. Their friendship works like a good marriage: even
though they're constantly learning from and adapting to one another, they'll never
wind up being the same person.

If someone wanted an example of the fundamental differences in the two Kats
personality, I'd be tempted to use the appearance of a door-to-door salesman
by way of illustration. Though neither Kat upon answering the door would much
feel like a long, involved conversation about Vacuum cleaners, Jake would likely
listen to the entire presentation in order to be "polite", and would likely be stuck
at the door all day, failing to recognize that the salesperson's plaintive "help me out"
type schtick was little more than victimization aimed at unwary souls in the name
of commerce. Chance on the other hand would likely listen to the pitch for a
few brief seconds, see through the psychological warfare BS of the professional
scam artist, and dismiss the individual with a slam of the door or similar almost to
the point of being offensively rude. Civilization is somewhere between the two

>>"Jake! stop scratching your claw on the blackboard."
>Heh heh, that'd be funny wouldn't it? Unfortunatly, I don't have
>any classroom scenes.

Heh. That *would* be funny!
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