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Date: Sat, 09 Mar 1996 14:34:35 EST

>>I have always believed (though this totally goes against the show
>>I know
>>it) tht Hackle should have been Jake's father and that's the way it

>>is in ALL
>>my fanfics. I think I mentioned that before on this list. Does
>>seem to
>>be a very violent guy? Uh uh.

>Funny, but add about 60 years to Jake and a few brain cells missing-
>and you wind up with Hackle, no? Hackle's quite the inventor - so's
Jake; Hackle
>had a past filled with weapons of every description used against
foes - just as
>you could describe Jake's life in the present tense. Odd, huh?

When I first say an episode with Hackle, it happened to be one with
no Razor/Hackle
or Jake/Hackle dialogue, so I assumed they were actually father/son.
It wasn't
until I say "The Metallikats's" ending scene in the salvage yard when
I realized that
was indeed not the case. Still, I like the idea anyway.

Picture Jake with a gray beard. I really works. I drew him that way
and it was
quite an image.

>>Hmmm, is the suburbs of MegaKat was shown in "Unlikely Alloys"?
>>Dunno. I hated the animation in this episode so I've only forced
>>myself to watch it a few times, and I never looked close enough to
notice the

>Grr. Diff'rent strokes, I guess. I don't know whether I would've
picked those
>"blocky" character models for the entire 65 ep run, but I really
liked that ep.

That' OK. It had an OK plot with some great character developments. I
care for the animation (and neither did Davis Doi). Everyone's
entitled to their
own opinion.

>>What I mean is Jake got tougher by being around Chance, and
>>Chance got--well, I don't want to use the term "softer". How 'bout

>>"more polite?"

>The way I read it, Jake wouldn't likely have considered an Enforcer
>without the persuasion of friends, family members etc. I imagine
Jake in school
>would be somewhat reluctant to resort to violence in self-defence -
even if
>picked on - whereas Chance would possess the self-confident air that
>render him immune to being "picked on" at all. Their partnership is
>complementary in nature, with the character traits of the one
>the equivalent lack of them in the other. Jake would learn some
aspects of
>the way Chance deals with situations and modify some of his
>accordingly - perhaps realizing that some situations *must*
necessitate other
>than a negotiated peace. Chance on the other hand would learn to
>his behaviour somewhat and maybe explore other avenues before
throwing the
>milk-can through the TV in disgust, or blowing something to
smithereens that
>merely needed a good spanking. Their friendship works like a good
marriage: even
>though they're constantly learning from and adapting to one another,
they'll never
>wind up being the same person.

Yup. That's exactly how I saw it.


                        Dr. Jake

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