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>>More stuff from Cartoon Network concerning SK:
>><< Hiya!
>> Well, as you probably know by now, SWAT Kats is now being shown only on
>>Saturdays at 2:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.
>> We're still trying to find out about why episodes of SWAT Kats shown here
>>on Cartoon Network differ than when they were shown on TBS.
>Huh....wha...? How do the ones shown on TCN (which I'm legally prevented
>getting) differ from the versions shown on TBS? The only thing I can think
>at the moment is that the "Secret Files of the Swat Kats" interstitials
>with those abominable "We Are Cartoons" things. Also, they evidently don't
>about the "Kats Eye News Special Report" compilation ep that contains the

They also had this "Today on SWAT Kats" thing at the beginning, giving people
a preview of the show.

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