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August wrote:
>>>I'd like to think that they were friends as
>>>kids as the bond they share is far too strong to be forged just
>>>during their academy days.

DJ wrote:
>Yeah, I noticed that, too. I've always imagined they grew up together.
>When you really look into Jake's character, you realize he probably
>wouldn't have made the decision to go into the enforcers by himself.

He probaly was send to the Enforcer academy by his parents. It could that=
 one of Jake's family members was once an Enforcer, or his parents want him=
 to be a kat.

>He needed a bud to back him. In a coming-of-age story I actually am
>writing for English class, I explain my theories on their origins.
>Chance (in my little world) grew up on the streets as a rough-
>around-the-edges city kid, but moved to the suburbs and met Jake
>when he was probably into early teens.

Hmmm, is the suburbs of MegaKat was shown in "Unlikely Alloys"?

>I imagine that Jake was probably more of a wimp

Well Jake is not a wimp or anything like that. He just a little bit more=
 sensitive than Chance, and to interact with other people that is different=
 than you sometimes can be a challenge.

>and Chance was more of a bully when they first met,

Well no argument here. Chance probaly started to like Jake when Jake do=
 something that really impressed him. Of course he isn't showing any sign=
 that he is impressed by Jake's action when Jake do that, but he considering=
 to make friends with this new kid that he just met.

>and their
>personalities sort of blended with each other after a while.

Hmmm, "mind-melt"?

>For English Class, of course, I simply won't bother to mention
>they're kats. To the teacher it'll look like 2 kids named Jake
>and Chance.

Hmmm, I wonder if the teacher watches "SWAT Kats".

>If I edit it after it's completion and post it on the
>rat site, I'll make a few adjustments.
>the word "hands" in the original version would become "paws"
>and so on.

Here is something that I like to hear:

"Jake! stop scratching your claw on the blackboard."

> Dr. Jake

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