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Date: Fri, 08 Mar 1996 19:18:37 EST

>DJ wrote:
>>Yeah, I noticed that, too. I've always imagined they grew up
>>When you really look into Jake's character, you realize he
>>wouldn't have made the decision to go into the enforcers by himself.

>He probaly was send to the Enforcer academy by his parents. It could
> one of Jake's family members was once an Enforcer, or his parents
want him=
> to be a kat.

I have always believed (though this totally goes against the show and
I know
it) tht Hackle should have been Jake's father and that's the way it
is in ALL
my fanfics. I think I mentioned that before on this list. Does Hackle
seem to
be a very violent guy? Uh uh.

>Hmmm, is the suburbs of MegaKat was shown in "Unlikely Alloys"?

Dunno. I hated the animation in this episode so I've only forced
myself to
watch it a few times, and I never looked close enough to notice the

>>I imagine that Jake was probably more of a wimp

>Well Jake is not a wimp or anything like that. He just a little bit
> sensitive than Chance, and to interact with other people that is
> than you sometimes can be a challenge.

Yeah, I probably meant 'sensitive.' Oh well.

>>and their
>>personalities sort of blended with each other after a while.

>Hmmm, "mind-melt"?

What I mean is Jake got tougher by being around Chance, and
Chance got--well, I don't want to use the term "softer". How 'bout

>>For English Class, of course, I simply won't bother to mention=20
>>they're kats. To the teacher it'll look like 2 kids named Jake
>>and Chance.

>Hmmm, I wonder if the teacher watches "SWAT Kats".

I hope not. Still, it doesn't sound too much like the show.

>Here is something that I like to hear:

>"Jake! stop scratching your claw on the blackboard."

Heh heh, that'd be funny wouldn't it? Unfortunatly, I don't have
any classroom scenes. The story's about Jake's reaction to his
mom's death. Despite what that sounds like, there's also some
cool scenes with a gun (though no one gets shot) and you see how
Jake gets the idea to join the enforcers with Chance.

                               Dr. Jake

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