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Date: Mon, 11 Mar 1996 16:14:52 EST

>>I have always believed (though this totally goes against the show
>>I know it) tht Hackle should have been Jake's father and that's the
way it=
>>is in ALL my fanfics. I think I mentioned that before on this list.

>Yes, but if Hackle is his father, where are the rest of his family?
I always=
> presume that Jake comes from a big family, he's sorta the farmboy

Farmboy? Farm? Hmmmm . . .never scene it that way. He IS a scientist
of sorts--well, he builds all kinds of techno gear--I don't see him
on a farm.

>>What I mean is Jake got tougher by being around Chance, and
>>Chance got--well, I don't want to use the term "softer". How
>>"more polite?"

>How about "more responsible"? I mean that he became sorta like a
brother to =

Oh yeah. I meant that.

>>I hope not. Still, it doesn't sound too much like the show.

>Does these kids last name still "Clawson" and "Furlong"?

Yup. Why change it? Furlong and Clawson are real names. Eddie
Furlong is an actor and Clawson is the name of a pickle company.

>>The story's about Jake's reaction to his mom's death.

>Hmmm, mothers death. Don't know why, but it seem that mothers
> influence their kid lifes, even after they die.

I thought that, too.

>>Despite what that sounds like, there's also some
>>cool scenes with a gun (though no one gets shot) and you see how
>>Jake gets the idea to join the enforcers with Chance.

>Speaking of reason, have you guys ever think on what reason does
Felina join=
> the Enforcer? Well, I think that the Commander is the reason on why
> join the Enforcer.

That gets explained in the sequel to "Children on the Stone", which
coming along quite nicely.

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