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DJ wrote:
>>Yes, but if Hackle is his father, where are the rest of his family?
>>I always presume that Jake comes from a big family, he's sorta the
>>farmboy type.
>Farmboy? Farm? Hmmmm . . .never scene it that way. He IS a scientist
>of sorts--well, he builds all kinds of techno gear--I don't see him
>on a farm.

Well, a farmboy that knows lots of tricks.

>>>I hope not. Still, it doesn't sound too much like the show.
>>Does these kids last name still "Clawson" and "Furlong"?
>Yup. Why change it? Furlong and Clawson are real names. Eddie
>Furlong is an actor and Clawson is the name of a pickle company.

Just curious. :) I'm still wondering if the teacher do watch SK or not.

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