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>It is never made clear exactly what the population of Mobius is in >either
the comic(s) or the SatAM show, or the demographic >breakdown of its various
species are (how many foxes, walruses, >etc.). Mobius is a pretty big place,
so I figured there'd be at least >250 million sentinents on it (being that
most Mobians are >smaller, and take up less actual space than we humans do).
>What's everyone else's opinion on it?

Well, First of all, Mobius isn't that big. (I still didn't get an answer
for: Which of the StH episodes has Robotnik looking at a MAP of Mobius). I
think that 250 million people is(was) a good estimation though. Although I
like to believe that there are very few people left. In my world, Robotnik
started taking over the farthest cities from Mobotropolis. This way, the King
would have a less chance to find out what's happening. (The Great War?) Then,
after taking over a closer city or location, Robotnik would destroy the old
city, and all of it's inhabitants, thus avoiding the hastle of looking over
the prisioners. When Robotnik finaly got to Mobotropolis, the King didn't
suspect anything because there were no reports (all the inhabitants who could
tell about it were dead with their cities). Thus, Robotnik managed to get
everybody by surprise, and once again, to avoid the hastle of prisioners and
satisfy his hunger for violence, killed/roboticised the inhabitants.

This idea was based on:
Capture the Flag
("Its funny the way authors can write about something without knowing it." -
Some quote I heard somewhere. Maybe I made it up. I forgot...)

Also on demographic breakdown of species, I would think that the walruses
would be a minority in Mobotropolis, and foxes, squirells, and other rodents
would be the majority of the population on Mobotropolis (Greaf
forest/swamp/plain nearby).
In fact, I don't even know what Rotor was doing, living there (Not that I
don't like him. He has a pretty important part in my story, which is comming
up very slow for some reason, *looking at watch* Sh%t ! It's 1:00 am! Not
enough time to write it today!).

Hope that helps (and continues the discussion).

BTW - (what does BTW stand for?) There are 80 subscribers, about 10 everyday
posters. About 500 to 1000 people on Mobius, about 50 to 100 are freedom
fighter. Any similarities? :')

"If it ain't blue, don't get it!" - ME (A rule I try to follow)

                                                Dmitry (Sonic Fan) Murashchik

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