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>On mon, 8 Jan 1996 wrote:
>>>From what I remember, the episode map mentioned earlier had only two
>>>continetnts, One small (almous like an island) and one (where
>>>Ro(Mo)botropolis is located) is much bigger. Well, Earth started out with
>>>continent too, so, maybe youre right, and I am wrong. I think that the
>>>person who could answer that would be Mr. Julian himself. (But, since I've
>I'd say that there may be OTHER places unexplored. I mean, com'on, let's
>think about this for a second. Robotnik comes to town for ONE day,
>robotisizing EVERYONE. On such notice, SOME may have gotton
>, "secret", unheard of places? Hmm... ponderous.

And SOME did (MOST of them are called Freedom Fighters). One of these
"unexplored" places could be the Great Unknown. And the map that I was
talking about was sort of a space-ship's eye vew of the planet. Also on the
ONE day... was it really one day, or did Robotnik live in Mobotropolis for a
while before taking it over?

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