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>>From what I remember, the episode map mentioned earlier had only two
>>continetnts, One small (almous like an island) and one (where
>>Ro(Mo)botropolis is located) is much bigger. Well, Earth started out with
>>continent too, so, maybe youre right, and I am wrong. I think that the only
>>person who could answer that would be Mr. Julian himself. (But, since I've
>A continent is usually thought of as being a very large area. We do have
>the Floating Island in the comics, and it might be large enough to
>qualify as a continent. If the Floating Island doesn't move around very
>much, I wonder what life under it would be like (a little shadowy, yes)
>and what sorts of plants would still be able to grow on the ground below.

Is there a floating Island in our fanfic? I didn't know about that.
(As I have said before, for some reason, I am against Knuckles, and
everythyng related, for some reason) The issue about the size of the
"island," on the map, it looked like a small island compared to the
main continent, but considering the size of the main continent (and
if Mobius is roughly the size of Earth <whith that I disagree>) that
island would be just a bit smaller than Australia. (while the main
continent would be something like Africa and Eurasia put together)

>The comics also introduce the concept of there being >=2 continents on
>the planet with one being where Knothole and M/Robotropolis are and one
>being the home of the Downunda Freedom Fighters.

I don't know which comic, so I can't help you there (sorry :') ).

>Only Julian? I think Snively has more of an IQ than Robotnik thinks --
>only that he can't show it -- and he could probably tell us too. And I'm
>sure Sally and Rotor would know too, but of course they aren't people

I still think (this is an opinion) that Robotnik has a higher IQ that
but when I said that he would know, I meand that he has acces to his main
computer, and that computer would get the most presice data, with all those
Robotnik's spy satalites. Sally's Nicole would probably give a good display
of the map, but the only one it(she? <could Nicole be considered sentient?>)
can display, would be the last one it got (and who knows when that happened).
As for rotor, he's an inventor/mechanic, not a geografer.
Again, I am only talking about the main (or DiC's <first, if you will>)
freedom fighters, not the later ones that were created in the stories.

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