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>> for: Which of the StH episodes has Robotnik looking at a MAP of Mobius). I
>> think that 250 million people is(was) a good estimation though. Although I
>> like to believe that there are very few people left. In my world, Robotnik
>I would rather not believe there are "very few" left. If they started
>with a population of 250,000,000, a 99% loss would take them down to
>2,500,000. A 99.99% loss would be down to 25,000. If the only Mobians
>left are those we've seen in the cartoons and comics plus those in fan
>stories, we may as well say Robotnik has succeeded.

Well, I'd say he, how yuo said, "succeeded". His only problem is a small
group of people living dangerously too close to him (dangerous for him).
As for these people, all hope is not yet lost. Their families, friends, and
a lot of other people who got captured all over Mobius, are robotocized, and
are safe at the time. The derobotization project is on the way too.

>Either 250 million is too high, or there must be other survivors
>underground and on the Floating Island who we've not seen yet.

Didn't you say that there were 250 million people yourself?
I'm confused here.

>> started taking over the farthest cities from Mobotropolis. This way, the
>> would have a less chance to find out what's happening. (The Great War?)
>> after taking over a closer city or location, Robotnik would destroy the
>> city, and all of it's inhabitants, thus avoiding the hastle of looking
>> the prisioners. When Robotnik finaly got to Mobotropolis, the King didn't
>> suspect anything because there were no reports (all the inhabitants who
>> tell about it were dead with their cities). Thus, Robotnik managed to get
>> everybody by surprise, and once again, to avoid the hastle of prisioners
>> satisfy his hunger for violence, killed/roboticised the inhabitants.

I like the overall line of reasoning, but what about residents of an
undestroyed village who go visit a destroyed village (not knowing what
had happened)? Surely word would get back to the King, and I don't think
he's foolish enough to not investigate such reports. Or do we assume
that inter-village travel is something they just didn't to very much of?
Ok, what about the SWAT-bots? They usually patroll these kind of places,
and, By looking at the coup, I'd say they are doing their job well.
In other words, anyone comes into Robotnik's city is in deep stool.
Also, if anyone asks: The roboticized people are mainly, if not only,
from Mobotropolis. Do you(plural) remember in Blast to the Past, the first
roboticizer was tested on some dog, and then, Sir Charles was the first one
be roboticized after the testing was complete?

>>about 50 to 100 are freedom fighters.

>If Mobius went from 250,000,000 to <=1000 (that over -99.9995%), I think
>I'd be about ready to cry for them.:-( And nothing could possibly be
>adequate punishment for 'buttnik and Snively wiping out >249.9 million
>innocent Mobians.

There could be a couple of thousand mobians still alive. Not ALL of them
are freedom fighters. And not ALL of them were killed (some were
Also, if there are, say, fifty people in each group (af civilians/freedom-
fighters), that would make for about 20 FF groups (If there are 1000 people
their natural state). 2000 would make forty. And I think that 20 - 40 groups
would be a nice estimate.

BTW (or by the way. thaks) since Mobotropolis was the capital of the PLANET,
I would think that there would be quite a lot of people living in it (say
20 million?) and when you add all of the turists, guests, people with
and people who just got lost, I think that the number of civilians (or robots
waitind to be deroboticized) would be quite high. (so stop crying, there
is quite a lot of hope for them yet)

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