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>The subject: What do you all think of the artists for the comic book
>My rundown:
>Spaziante: Definitely one of the best. It's kind of a shame they don't
>use him for this publication more often, but given the way he creates the
>characters.. it might be easy to see why. Don't want any parental
>complaints, hehe. :)
>Mawhinney: Very nice style: 'toon, but not childish. Very consistent, too.
> He makes the characters look the same no matter what the angle or position.
>Manak: Boy, Mawhinney and Spaziante are the best for this comic!
>Penders: Not too bad, but I think he kinda ruined Geoffrey St. John.
>Gallagher: His art matches his writing style: exagerated in that 'toon-
> super-hero kind of way, with plenty of puns thrown in for effect.
> However, I don't think it works too well in the Sonic universe.

The first issue I got was drawn by Penders. After that, I seriously
saving my money (but, since it's about my favorite hedgehog, I thought that I

will by it anyway). In the comic that I got, he really did screw up Geoffry
(sory if I mispelled it in the last post). The only thing I like about his
work, is the (almoust complete) abcense of puns and slapstick.

BTW - did you even see any of the episodes? If no, I seriously suggest
that you get a hold of a copy.

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