Re: The comic artists.

From: Eric Goodwin <>
Date: Mon, 8 Jan 1996 00:33:37 -0500

On Jan 07, 1996 23:46:19, ' (Robin Hood)' wrote:
>and spiced up the soup even more with God-knows-how-many new characters,
>theories, explanations and, <<shudder>> shall we say, 'imaginative'
>So, I'm starting my own thread, one that I, who at this point am only
>keeping up with the comic book and occasionally writing some fan-fic that
>focuses on the true-blue Sonic characters, not our several thousand
*frowns* Hey! Excuse me for trying to write a story, and develop a
character. >:/ I'm not trying to write to get publicity here, i'm trying to
make good stores, along with developing another character. After reading
some of the stores I saw on the page, I was hooked on them. I just decided
to try and write a story. I'm sorry if you dont like the idea of other
characters being mixed in with the stories, but look at bookshire. In most
of these stories, i dont see how they could be made well without him. I
know you're not pointing the finger at anyone in particular on this
subject, but that did offend me.

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