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>On 96-01-05 18:15:52 EST, Joseph Delacroix said:
>>It is never made clear exactly what the population of Mobius is in either
>>the comic(s) or the SatAM show, or the demographic breakdown of its various
>>species are (how many foxes, walruses, etc.). Mobius is a pretty big place,
>>so I figured there'd be at least 250 million sentinents on it (being that
>>most Mobians are smaller, and take up less actual space than we humans do).
>>What's everyone else's opinion on it?
>Well, First of all, Mobius isn't that big.

It's certainly not tiny; it's at least as big as Earth, in my estimation.
(I think anything larger than a car is `big'. ;)

>(I still didn't get an answer for: Which of the StH episodes has Robotnik
>looking at a MAP of Mobius).

You got me.

>I think that 250 million people is(was) a good estimation though. Although I
>like to believe that there are very few people left. In my world, Robotnik
>started taking over the farthest cities from Mobotropolis. This way, the King
>would have a less chance to find out what's happening. (The Great War?) Then,
>after taking over a closer city or location, Robotnik would destroy the old
>city, and all of it's inhabitants, thus avoiding the hastle of looking over
>the prisioners. When Robotnik finaly got to Mobotropolis, the King didn't
>suspect anything because there were no reports (all the inhabitants who could
>tell about it were dead with their cities). Thus, Robotnik managed to get
>everybody by surprise, and once again, to avoid the hastle of prisioners and
>satisfy his hunger for violence, killed/roboticised the inhabitants.

Well...I'll have to disagree with you slightly there. Remember that
Robotnik has lots of factories/mining operations/et al all over Mobius,
and that all of those are manned at least partially by roboticized
citizens. Robotnik's not a stupid man, after all: killing everyone would
leave nobody to do the drudgery...or witness his triumph.

Assuming 25%+ were killed, and 70-75% roboticized, that would leave the
remainder still au natural...not many, but enough to do some damage to Ivo.

>This idea was based on:
>Capture the Flag


>Also on demographic breakdown of species, I would think that the walruses
>would be a minority in Mobotropolis, and foxes, squirells, and other rodents
>would be the majority of the population on Mobotropolis (Greaf
>forest/swamp/plain nearby).

That was my belief as well. Of course, according to the general fanfic
precedent, foxes are the majority of the majority. =)

>In fact, I don't even know what Rotor was doing, living there (Not that I
>don't like him. He has a pretty important part in my story, which is comming
>up very slow for some reason, *looking at watch* Sh%t ! It's 1:00 am! Not
>enough time to write it today!).

I know how *that* is. =P (And I don't know, either.)



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