From: Simon Howes <>
Date: Thu, 2 Nov 1995 23:28:13 +0200

Okay everyone,

I decided to give the game a go-ahead, I've never been the patient type, so
I'll deal with being sued/assisinated later... Right now, it's on to some
serious coding.. First thing that we will need is a site for operations.
This area is probably not the best place [Spies I tell you spies! ARGHH!]

Maybe someone can beg in somewhere? Calling on the Ratman, calling on the
Ratmans world.. [If you know what I mean]

Let's see now, any Musicians out there can email me, GFX guys, go ahead to,
don't email to this area but rather to me direct..
Coders are welcome too...

Okay, John Bintz.. welcome to the team, we need a GFX guy, and your Bunnie
hugged has been on my HD for a while now.. Glad to meet ya.

Musicians, We've got a guy already, he's composed some really good (FC
Quality) songs, but any further composers would be great. (midi composer

GFX artists who want a piece, come on, only me and John so far, and I'm going to
be too busy injecting caffeine to code to do GFX.

We need a chief whip! Not someone who says" Si, how far" but someone who
says"Simon have it done by friday or I mail every email adress in the world
with your child hood pictures!"

Site still needed..

Hey archie comic guys, we *need* you! (Like the taz song.. we need you!)

Okay, here's to the wonderfull!

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