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From: Eric Goodwin <>
Date: Sun, 5 Nov 1995 12:42:11 -0500

On Nov 05, 1995 11:35:58, ' (Simon Howes)' wrote:
>GOD about one year ago, I was the Sonic hater of the year.. I wanted to
>mangle and torture and implode that blue blighter.. I raytraced a Sonic
>title, spent hours at friends houses trying to get clips for the game. I
>tortured my friend into drawing frames of Sonic.. which took my at least a

>week to convert to doom.
>I bought a Video Blaster Se100.
>Digitised 55high density disks of AVI's, from it got the frames for Tails,

>got more violent..
>And then, one day I got access to the internet. I searched for Sonic.
>What I found was a site called "Bookshires Page".. I though to
>myself.."hahah so there's a lot of them out there, people I can hurt!"
>I downloaded a story: Temporal Syndrome by Shawn Wolski.
>I began reading it, hoping that Sonic would get hurt, or something.
>At the end of the story Sonic died... My mind was unable to cope with
>the whole time I'd been hoping for him to peg.. and now.. well. now..
>Hey Shawn that Temporal Syndrome of yours is the best I have read!
>I downloaded more stories, began writing Rl10..
>And here I am.. 180degrees flipped out.. I've lost my "Normal" attribute.
*chuckles* Geez. ;) I was KIND of like that. I used ot think the whole
thing about Sega and Sonic the Hedgehog was so freaking stpid. One day I
was sitting in class, chattign to some friends about some of the good ol'
shows that used ot be on, liek Fat Albert, Transformers, etc. etc. One
speaks up askign if anyone watched the Sonic show on the weekends, and i'm
like "They did WHAT!? They actually wasted their time making a SHOW of the
blue freak? THIS I haveta see and laugh at." Whelp, that weekend I flip the
TV on, watched HArmonic Sonic, ans was hooked. I shuted up about Sonic and
started to even record the shows now. Go fig. <G> WHen I REALLY started to
enjoy the show was when the second season came out. They really outdid
themselves compared ot the last season.

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