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From: ALEXANDRA MONCAYO ORTEGA <alexmon1_at_data.net.mx>
Date: Thu, 2 Nov 1995 18:29:03 -0600

Hi Dan!

>Join the club -- I'm still waiting myself. It's been about two months,
>which means it's about at the end of the "Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for
>delivery" period for a subscription to kick in. I waited nearly as long
>to receive the Princess Sally miniseries, which I ordered for myself
>from Archie.
>If you've been following the Subscription thread, you're probably aware
>that Archie has been having problems of their own in implementing a new
>subscription procedure, and other subscribers are waiting as well --
>ones who had already subscribed. Believe me, as soon as I receive
>anything in the mail it'll be forwarded to you.

 Yes I ve know about many bad delivery cases on the lists.They are too many
how to say them.....

>I give it another week; if there's no sign of anything by Nov 10, I
>promise I'll not only send you a money order for the $20 you sent me,
>but I'll also include my copy of Sonic #29 that I bought off the rack.
>You'd think some things in this life would be EASY....

Hey,not wait,,,,,dont do that.....I will wait the time necessary to get my
comic.Im pacient.

>BTW: Your Mom should probably get together with my wife, who questions
>my sanity for being interested in Sonic!
My mom dont likes so much Sonic but she doesnt cares about him.She thinks
that is normal in a girl of my age.And Im using the lists to learn
English,also I want to use the comics for that.

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