Re: Eat me, Drink me, Flame me!

Date: Thu, 02 Nov 95 21:39:00 -0500

{{I'm not going to quote all that}}

I think furtoonia is something like that. I have seen it only a few
times because my telnet program is terrable. And it seems to be what
your thinking. As for another sonic like game I had 2 ideas in the
works. The first is on hold. It was an ad-on for Lagend of the Red
Dragon that whould make it into a sonic game and the other is a game
that if I use the right feature It whould be able to play on any kind of
computer. am still researching how to use Inform to write text
adventures in the famous Infocom format. I was going to tell my first
stories in an Interactave format to add a 3rd demention to my stories.
But this seems verry hard and I might resort to useing a PC-Only game
writer like this. Because they are both just text and will be freely
distibuted I hopefuly won't have to fight with sega on this (G)

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