Eat me, Drink me, Flame me!

From: Simon Howes <>
Date: Thu, 2 Nov 1995 11:39:08 +0200

Hiya Yello, the Si_man is back [Oh no, not again!]

Okay, I'm not really sure if this is the best place to post this message, and
posting it actually kinda feels like I got one foot in megamuck and the other
on a bar of soap.. [The puns Si.. watch those puns!]

We've all seen games like VGA-planets, where you attach your messages via
Email... right? [Games? Flaming probability risen to 30%]

What I was thinking about was writing a game that all of us Sonic freaks could
play in together. [Simon SHUT UP! YOU'RE GOING TO GET BUMPED OFF BY SEGA!]
I was thinking of something down the lines of you choosing your name etc, what
you are.. [he means are you a furry, spikey, cuddly, or smoothy]
Some of your abilities etc.

The only problem is copyrights, the game will of course be freeware, but still
that doesn't excuse the copyrights.. [Or does it? Come on lawyers.. say it!]

[OKDTA, you think Simon is a window sucker by now, yeah me too! But the guy has
some pretty amazing game technology... He continually remarks about his VBA or
whatever it is graphics libaries. He says that the systems gameplay will be
something like syndicate. Where you have missions, you know, like stopping
Rokrudnik blowing the crap out of some furry.]

Thanks Mark, well, he's right, you'll undertake missions play them, and I'll
hopefully work out something where we end up affecting one another.. I am
still trying to work out how to go about allowing real-time play.. Naturally
that would mean BYEBYE windows.. hmm.. anyone have a dos internet driver?

Well, that 'bout it. [4% chance of being alive on Sunday!]


[Whoohaay! Have a bril day.. Marken Psantis.. Sim_mans 2nd personality]

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