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From: Eric Goodwin <>
Date: Thu, 2 Nov 1995 15:19:56 -0500

On Nov 02, 1995 14:43:01, ' (Simon Howes)' wrote:
>The game type I was thinking of would be something like syndicate, where
>see the map from the air. (Kinda like looking down at a doll house at
>I was thinking of there being seperate freedom fighter parties, (with
>leaders etc.) You create your character, lets say Dan is a Fox.. a vulpea

>vulpea (red fox) Right? Okay, now Dan has 35 study points, so before he
>a freedom fighter, he says "Okay, lemme see.."
>Unarmed Combat:10
>Armed Combat:20
>Digital System:5
>bla :0
>bla :0
>bla :0
>Later on as time goes by, he gains more study time, so he can upgrade the
>Then he is randomly assigned to a group of furry freedom fighters, Okay..

>So Dan ends up in .. the southside freedom pack.
>He gets told a little story, maybe with some good music and Sound Blaster

>as I do have the units to do that. [They're all mine AAHAHAHAH!]
>The group leader then sees that there is a big mean nasty swat-bot plant,
>realises after he loses five of his teams to it that he'd better give
>else the Job.. so he puts a message in the out thing.. Of course, someone
>deliver the mail in the game. So one guy has to do a mail-mission.
>{By the way, seeing that you won'y know the guys real name Email will be
>Okay, So now let say Lindsay's team, (Who have developed a Swat-Splat
>laser.. okay too lame name.. a Gravatic Particle Displacer Weapon [GPDW],
>decide to
>do the mission, then Lindsay selects someone to carry it out. That person
>then given his main character, some guys who go with him. [who by the way

>players.. so if they get killed.. it only effects the team strength,
>cause some guy who didn't play to get the message.. "You were killed when
>someone else got wasted.. Game Over"]
>That player, next time he gets his player file, sees that he has a
mission, so
>he grabs some coffie and begins. He is given a view like syndicate. hmm,
>lets see how my Asci art looks..
>| | NAME |
>| | INFO |
>| /----/| |------|
>| /----/ | | TEAM |
>| | | | | INFO |
>| | | /| | |
>| | ||/ |------|
>| |___|/ MAP VIEW | =3D= |
>| | View |
>Okay, how does that look?
>The name-Info box would say something like: "Dan the Itchy", health 43%,
>92%, carrying--Stunned Fox[SAM].
>Team Info would be all the team members, listed like this.
>Sam |*STUNNED* |
>Jas |*HACKING* |46%.
>Dan |*IDLE* |
>Now you could click on any of these, and TADA, you'd go to them.
>Okay now the little 3dview box, is kinda like a wolfenstein view, my
>technology level is nearly there, so with any luck, by the time the game
>near complete, I should be able to put that feature in.
>The main view, is the Syndicate/Ufo/WarCraft style view.
>Other infos: When someone is on lookout, if they see something.. they tell
>either over Sb or via a dialog box.
>Your players don't get killed by swat-bot fire, they get stunned, the
>will then try to take them to the swat-bot hover unit. If they succeed at
>then that player is captured. (Course, if you waste em before they get to
>car.. the stunned guy is all yours.. again.)
>If players get too close to swat-bots, and aren't in combat mode, they
>grabbed, and can be captured.. though you have a certain amount of control
>over a conscious player who's being carried by a swat..
Geez! This game will rock! If you can get the OK for it, that is. (If
not... well, I HOPE ya could at least try to make it and show us what it's
like.) I have been waiting a LONG time for a PC Sonic game of ANY kind to
come out.

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