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From: Simon Howes <>
Date: Thu, 2 Nov 1995 21:13:02 +0200

Hiya all,

I really apologize if I am turning this conference into a damned gaming area,
but it seems that being a coder and having all that inspiration and
creativity just stains everything, wherever I go.. [Gee too bad! Si_man]

But my hope is to gain some sort of backing from you guys here, after all *WE*
are the fruitcakes of the world. Our friends and family do make comments like..
"Hey Simon, Princess Sally called for you while you were in the bath.."
Or make observations like, "Hey, Simon Howes, you have the same initials as
Sherlock Holmes and Sonic the Hedgehog!"
Or something like, "Hey, Si, your Sisters name is Toni? Right, whoohayy..
Sonic and Tails.. Simon and Toni... And Tails is younger then Sonic too!"

So considering that we are all.. no.. we are not social outcasts, just socially
alternate. [How's that for politically correct?]

Okay then, why would I be building up a group? Nope, we're not going to
storm into Sega with shotguns, nor are we going to rush the USA alien
storage bases hoping to find blue hedgehogs.. but rather I going to use
you.. No... "use" sounds stupid, well you get the idea.. I can do all the
coding myself.. but GFX and stuff.. ARGHH! I'm an artist, but I'm not about
to go and define the maps for the whole of Robotropolis.. or two-hundred
missions.. Get the idea.

So flame me or join me.. after all what do we have to lose, you guys yourself
said it.. you wanted a free mobius.. what you scared of? Uncle Gates and his
Robotocizer.. hehe.. Macroslofts robotocizer will never work, it runs under
Windoze 9_something. [Sorry bad joke, had to be done]

P.S. I Will accept flaming at my normal Email address... please don't break the
team spirit by flaming me here. [Unless it's Really Really Runny!]

Okay, anyone got a loophole in the law for us yet?
Maybe someone could beg Sega.. Or we pull a "My friend who.. died of cancer
coded this.. as freeware.. too bad haha! Sue his grave!"

Ablater [Call 'im reckless, stupid, a plank, but never never.. NEVER cute!]
        [He tries to mantain a strength thing..Abseils etc.]

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