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Date: Sat, 4 Nov 1995 20:37:37 -0500

If you are worrying about a free Mobius, wait til you find out what I'm gonna
do to Uncle Chuck...oh, by around BAM VI, say. I'll won't spoil it for

Oh, and about this game that Simon Howes is thinking up--a good idea. I'm
pulling my hair out waiting for Sega to come out with a Sonic 4, or at least
a Sonic CD for IBM. I don't know of any game stats for my characters yet,
but once I find out what Simon's ideas are on over this game, and if he'll
e-mail me about it :-) I'll think up something. I'll even sign up my
services as one of the artists for the game, and as you'd see from my Web
Page, I'm a preety kick-butt good artist!

David Gonterman []

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