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Date: Mon, 25 Mar 1996 11:50:19 -0600 (CST)

    If you watch SWAT Kats on a small mono TV, then you are missing out on a
the true listening experience. I don't own any kind of spectacular system
here myself (a 13 mono TV and recently broken mono VCR are about it for me.),
but back at home we have a stereo VCR hooked up to an amp and some pretty big
speakers. When I'm home I put my videos, especially the prerecordeds in, set
the base a couple notches higher, and crank it up. SWAT Kats, dare I say more
than any other animated series, can utilize big sound to its fullest extent.
For starters, the soundtrack totally rocks. Just listen to the flight sequence
early on in Night of the Dark Kat, the music played during the Macrobots,
the Megasaurous Rex attack, and about a dozen other incredible sounding scenes.
At the risk of sounding cliched, its a rush, a real pulse pounding trip. High
Volume Kats music is like no other, that's for sure.
    And it's not just the music either, but the subtle sound FX that come
through in high volume. All the details are amplified as if I myself were a
Kat with ears perked, ready to catch everything and anything that can be
listened to. The sound of feet - I mean paws - touching the ground, the clink
of a guard's keys, and all the other little nuances that the sound engineers go
out of their way to provide. And then there's the already loud stuff: The
blare of the SWAT Kats alert buzzer, the roar of the TurboKats engines, and Oh,
*those*explosions*. With high volume stereo, it's like you're there, right in
the middle of all the action.

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