From: Matthew O. Weber <>
Date: Wed, 03 Apr 96 04:17:00 PST

>>the Blockbuster environment). Turner Home Video was "disappointed" at
>>orders for the 'SwatKats Home Videos', but as most of you have found
>>out from your retailer during your search for them, everyone replies to
>>your question with "Whatsa Swatkat?". No promotion. No sales. 3 mil

>Well there were ads on the various Turner cable stations. Even CNN.
>I guess the fool assumed that only his stations are worth watching.

There were? I only recall seeing it once on TCN. This is not the way to
advertise & promote something you want to make money with. Seems that
the suits at TedCo need to go back to school for Marketing 101.

Even the "here's what kids think about the Swat Kats" had disappeared
after a short time while the show was still airing on TBS. I really
wonder how many calls TCS got from the "call us & tell us what you
think"... From the promos on the beginning of the videotapes, you'd
think there were a lot of them. And you'll also note that there were no
fans listed older than 12 (or something). Seems to me that there are
probably just as many (if not more) fans that are twice that age. TPTB
probably think that anyone past the age of 13 switches over to watch CNN
all day. Go fig..

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