Re: Let's clear this up.

From: Ed Rudnicki <>
Date: Mon, 25 Mar 96 13:17:30 EST

>> No, SWAT Kats *isn't* anime, and just because something is Japanese
>>animated, that doesn't mean it's anime, otherwise Tiny Toon Adventures, for
>>instance, could be considered anime. I've known some people to use anime
>>to mean anything animated and cool, but that't not it. I've already said what
>>anime *really* means, stick to that. (BTW, I mispelled a name, that's Helen
>Not to burst your bubble, but I just think that SWAT Kats is due to that
>American cartoons don't have such shading, and esides, the plots can get
>almost as complex as some of the anime I've seen. It's pretty much what you
>think is anime. It's up to each individual to decide wether this hybrid is
>mostly American, or in the broad specturm of Anime. Either place, there's
>something to drag it to the other side.

Anime is Japanese animation _made for the Japanese market_. Whether
it was brought to the US later matters not; the fact that it was
made there for their domestic market is what makes it anime.

SWAT Kats was made for the North American market, and thus by
definition _cannot_ be anime. "Shading" and "complexity" are

I also caught a line about Callie having "Tezuka eyes" in this
tangled thread (pun intended). Most amusing, given that Tezuka
copied this from Disney, and admits it :)


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