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Date: Fri, 29 Mar 1996 22:45:18 -0800

> If you watch SWAT Kats on a small mono TV, then you are missing out on a
>the true listening experience. I don't own any kind of spectacular system
>here myself (a 13 mono TV and recently broken mono VCR are about it for me.),
>but back at home we have a stereo VCR hooked up to an amp and some pretty big
>speakers. When I'm home I put my videos, especially the prerecordeds in, set
>the base a couple notches higher, and crank it up. SWAT Kats, dare I say more
>than any other animated series, can utilize big sound to its fullest extent.

What I do is tape the shows onto a non-video tape, put on my headphones and
crank it up to ten. Sure, my headphones suck, my tapes are in mono (due to
the fact my tv is mono and I can only record in mono), but through all the
headphone distortion, it's the coolest thing since I first started my
extremist craze on SWAT Kats!

>For starters, the soundtrack totally rocks.

Tell us something we don't know? favourite music would be putting the whole
series down!

> Just listen to the flight sequence

Just listen to any part! It's cool wherever!

>early on in Night of the Dark Kat, the music played during the Macrobots,
>the Megasaurous Rex attack, and about a dozen other incredible sounding scenes.
>At the risk of sounding cliched, its a rush, a real pulse pounding trip. High
>Volume Kats music is like no other, that's for sure.

Low volume cuts it down. Make sure you're the only one home if you turn it
up. (and I mean WAY up!)

> And it's not just the music either, but the subtle sound FX that come
>through in high volume. All the details are amplified as if I myself were a
>Kat with ears perked, ready to catch everything and anything that can be
>listened to. The sound of feet - I mean paws - touching the ground, the clink
>of a guard's keys, and all the other little nuances that the sound engineers go
>out of their way to provide. And then there's the already loud stuff: The
>blare of the SWAT Kats alert buzzer, the roar of the TurboKats engines, and Oh,
>*those*explosions*. With high volume stereo, it's like you're there, right in
>the middle of all the action.

If only movie theater style speakers could be turned up all the way on this
show........ (hee, he!)

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