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Date: Sat, 30 Mar 1996 13:15:36 +0700

>>Are you sure those are their last name? Those could be their middle name.
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><takes Edo's face in hands and shakes head.>
>EDO!!!! How could "Furlong" and "Clawson" be middle names?

Actually Terra, any name can be a middle name.

>They SOUND like
>last names to me, how about the rest of you out there?

Well, those names does sound like last name to me too. That's why I ask this question.

>And anyway, those two
>names are real-life last names, why can't they be the names for our guys?

They could be the last name for the guys, but do we really know for sure that they are the guys's last name?

>And anyway, wouldn't a middle name be something like a first name?

Actually, a middle name is name that come after a first name, so it could be anything.

>(Example: MY middle name's Michelle. Surprised?)

Nope. Surprised?

>I really, really, *REALLY* very
>strongly believe those are last names. (But if they're not . . . hmm . . .
>Jake Clawson <And this is just some random name here> Lewsi? Naaaahhhhhh.) <G>
>Well, like I said before, I really think those are their last names.

Yeah, unfortunately we will never know for sure. Unless they bring the guys's family relative or something like that.

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