Re: How were the Enforcers formed?

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Date: Sat, 30 Mar 1996 13:15:38 +0700

> As it was once discussed here before, the Enforcers are kind of like a
>combination of the military and police created for the purpose of defending the
>megalopolis. But when and how were they formed? Has MegaKats City always been
>under the wrath of monsters and supervillians, and if so does that mean that
>some version of the Enforcers has always existed, or did the military and
>police merge at some point in history?

Could it be that the Enforcer is somekind of special task force? We know that there is a Police Departement around.

BTW, could it be that the "C" in "M. C. P. D" are spelled wrong?

>Anybody construct some sort of SK's timeline, and if so what does the
>author have to say on this?

Who is the one that you are refering to?

And remember, Time is relative in the SWAT Kats universe.

>I betcha
>that Megalith City's guards and soldiers were technically the first Enforcers.

Is MegaLith city the same city? Is MegaKat the same city? Is MegaKat gonna changes its name again (If it was MegaLith.) ?

Is there a city before MegaLith?

BTW, I think that the guards and soldiers were just regular policeman. We haven't see a Feral yet in MegaLith city.

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