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On Jake and Chance's last names (Clawson and Furlong, respectively): The
Secret Files have them listed as two names (no middle names), and they've
referred to themselves that way throughout the series. Case in point: "A
Bright and Shiny Future" -- "It's me, Pops, Chance! Chance Furlong... and
this is my buddy Jake..."

However, it's possible that either Jake or Chance could be a middle name
rather than a first name, and I think this is more likely than either
Clawson or Furlong being a middle name. And as far as I can tell, these
are actual surnames.

On Megakat City: on the anecdotal side, I recently rented the video of
"Judge Dredd" and noticed the name of the city: "Mega City." Needless to
say, you can figure out for yourself what I thought of every time I heard
the city's name mentioned in the movie. <grin>

On starting a "rumor" to popularize the show: I don't think it'd be a good
idea to do so. Why? Well, while a rumor would generate attention, we want
to make sure that it's the *right* kind of attention. We don't want to
give the people in charge (aka Turner et. al.) another reason for making
sure that the show stays dead. Don't forget that the effect of rumors can
go both ways.

BTW, a comment on the FAQ: I'm going to update the FAQ at most about twice
a month, once in the beginning and once at the end. Please *don't* ask me
to update it any more than that. Among the things in the next update that
I'll be adding:
- SWAT Kats schedule change on the Cartoon Network. (I'll have to add
this to the web pages that I've done, too.)
- Possible HTML conversion. I'll do this when I have time (so we'll have
an HTMLized FAQ rather than a text-only one). I'll probably have a
text-only version available for those who don't have access to a web
browser, but the HTMLized version will likely be the more updated version.

If you have any suggestions for improving the web pages that I've done,
feel free to send email.

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