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Date: Wed, 7 Feb 1996 06:53:15 -0500 (EST)

A few things, actually ...... (Archie KIND OF covered this one, but..)

1) How did Tails actually get his two tails? (there's like, 50 different
stories for this.....)

2) Are Mobius & Earth connected in any way?

3) How did Sonic here of rock? I mean, there aren't too many influences
on Mobius, yet he likes the "heavy metal" ("TAL") scene.

4) Mobius is obviously a cross between REAL biological creatures and
mythical ones... (case in point, Dulcy,) if this is true for the FREEDOM
FIGHTERS, why would it not be true for Robotnik? (Now THAT'D be a robot
army! A bunch of Litches, Trolls, Crystal Dragons!)

5) (And this I don't get...) Sally wears boots and a top, yet no
"pants"....I understand they to be cartoons, but is this a fashion
statement? The only thing he wears, (Sonic) is boots and gloves...but
for good reason.

6) Does Sonic have a band?

           Well, there's a few to get the ol' list movin' again! BTW- if
you see something here that was here shows, please! :)

                 "We will stand where others fall!"
                        -MiGHTY the FoX

PS-if anyone knows anything about fixing cpu's (drivers, etc.) e-mail
me. Thanx.

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