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> 1) How did Tails actually get his two tails? (there's like, 50 different
> stories for this.....)

Read the FAQ File.

> 2) Are Mobius & Earth connected in any way?

Not directly. Some have posited that Mobius is some kind of
post-Holocaust Earth, in which case somebody would have to come up with
some kind of archaeological evidence...kinda like the final scene in
"Planet of the Apes."

> 3) How did Sonic here of rock? I mean, there aren't too many influences
> on Mobius, yet he likes the "heavy metal" ("TAL") scene.

No definite answer, but who's to say what the popular music scene was
like on Mobius before the takeover?

> 4) Mobius is obviously a cross between REAL biological creatures and
> mythical ones... (case in point, Dulcy,) if this is true for the FREEDOM
> FIGHTERS, why would it not be true for Robotnik? (Now THAT'D be a robot
> army! A bunch of Litches, Trolls, Crystal Dragons!)

Robotnik is into exploitation/mechanization. He doesn't appear to have
the imaginative capacity to tap into any kind of occult action. He's
not like Darth Vader, who is plugged into the dark side of the Force.
This probably explains why he banished a wizard, Naugus, to the Void:
not being able to control that kind of power himself, he gets rid of
those who can.

> 5) (And this I don't get...) Sally wears boots and a top, yet no
> "pants"....I understand they to be cartoons, but is this a fashion
> statement? The only thing he wears, (Sonic) is boots and gloves...but
> for good reason.

Proof once again that furries are Not Clear On The Concept(tm) when it
comes to clothing. Sally didn't even bother with the vest the first
season; in the comics, she acquires the vest as part of the effects left
to her by her mentor, Julayla, upon the latter's death (cf. In Your Face
#1). Antoine is the most overdressed of the Knothole freedom fighters,
though with him it's a status thing. Bunnie's "one-piece swimsuit" has
only one purpose that I can tell: silencing the critics and heading off
the censors ;-) .

> 6) Does Sonic have a band?

A story in Sonic #8 had him putting a band together, but it hasn't been
heard from since.

> PS-if anyone knows anything about fixing cpu's (drivers, etc.) e-mail
> me. Thanx.

There's a word to describe some broken CPUs, terminals, and other
computer parts: "landfill." Thanx, PC Magazine.

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