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A closet armadillo <G>, sez:

>A few things, actually ...... (Archie KIND OF covered this one, but..)
>1) How did Tails actually get his two tails? (there's like, 50 different
>stories for this.....)

My opinion on the subject is that Tails is a kitsune. (In the name of
"Bob", who made up this wacked-out theory about Antoine? Do you think
he'd give a toenail for "ze common-ar" Tails? Honestly, how silly.)
Being a mythical creature, one could justify a race of them (albeit
small) on Mobius.

>2) Are Mobius & Earth connected in any way?

The popular theory is that they are, though I haven't decided if I
personally subscribe to that belief. If I ever do, I have a new
subarc I could run in my continuing storyline about it.

>3) How did Sonic here of rock? I mean, there aren't too many influences
>on Mobius, yet he likes the "heavy metal" ("TAL") scene.

Probability states that a music style such as rock could develop
independently (over time) on several different worlds with intelligent
life. Or maybe they heard it from a visiting alien species. *shrug*

>4) Mobius is obviously a cross between REAL biological creatures and
>mythical ones... (case in point, Dulcy,) if this is true for the FREEDOM
>FIGHTERS, why would it not be true for Robotnik? (Now THAT'D be a robot
>army! A bunch of Litches, Trolls, Crystal Dragons!)

Because Robotnik hates magic. (Kinda.) He hates dragons especially, as
several fanfics have shown, and would like to either have them all killed or
roboticized. Actually, a more truthful statement would be that Robotnik
hates magic he can't *control*. And since I've never seen anyone *want*
to be roboticized....

>5) (And this I don't get...) Sally wears boots and a top, yet no
>"pants"....I understand they to be cartoons, but is this a fashion
>statement? The only thing he wears, (Sonic) is boots and gloves...but
>for good reason.

*slips semi-in character*

Ah, the infamous "I'm not wearing any pants!" thread. Well, my opinion
on that topic is that it wouldn't be real classy for Sally to just wear
her Wonderbra [tm] (what? you didn't know?) around Knothole. Some sort
of Princess thing, I dunno. Me, I wouldn't mind. I don't go out much,
anyway...but it might lead to an unnerving trend.

Of course, I'm not from around those parts. Maybe Sandra would know.

*returns to normal*

>6) Does Sonic have a band?

The real question is, who would be *in* it? What would they play?
Would they live in a multicolored bus? ;)

> Well, there's a few to get the ol' list movin' again! BTW- if
>you see something here that was here shows, please! :)

I'm not the FAQ-keeper, anyway. ;)

> "We will stand where others fall!"
> -MiGHTY the FoX
>PS-if anyone knows anything about fixing cpu's (drivers, etc.) e-mail
>me. Thanx.

I always preferred influencing mine with a large hammer. =)


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