Re: Sonic#26:Princess Sally - a Weasel??

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> somebody pointed out a long time ago, Sally is *not* Tails' aunt.
> Remember that in the cartoon series, he also called Bunnie "Aunt Bunnie",
> and everybody called Sir Charles "Uncle Chuck." And, as somebody else pointed
> out a while back, the Archie people themselves have said that she is a
> squirrel. Now, I know that doesn't hold water with many people :), but they
> are the ones who write and draw her, so their's is a strong opinion, at any
> rate.

        Ok, so I made a mistake. But to Archie saying she is a ground
squirrel, they do make mistakes. After all, when asked what Sally's age is,
they replied fifteen. But in the cartoon "Drood Henge", she says she has
two years before her coming of age. (18) So who's right? I figure that the
cartoon is right, so your strong opinion has lost some of its punch.

> Antoine rules! (I don't think he's a fox though.)

        I guess he's alright, and on the fox subject....All RIGHT!!!!!

> But as stated in the above paragraph, there are too many odvious
> features showing she is a fox.

> And there's too many features that make her a squirrel as well! The shape
>of her face and head being the biggest one of all.

         Sally 's head resembles her father in many ways, that proves she
is a fox! To those out there who think Sally is a chipmunk or ground
squirrel, if you want those species, watch Chip & Dale, there're your

        Before I leave, in Sonic the Hedgehog #25, sonic faces Mecha Sonic.
In the end of a race through a zone, Sonic pours on the speed and finishes
the race. Mecha Sonic tries to catch up but there is to mush friction and
his legs melt off. Now he wasn't running, he was flying using his jet pack
and the jet intake in his stamach, so why'd his legs melt off due to
friction? It's not the heat from the jet pack, he specifically says it is
friction that does it. And if so, why didn't his arms melt off too?

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