Re: Sonic#26:Princess Sally - a Weasel??

From: Tarl Hoch <>
Date: Thu, 6 Jul 1995 22:31:49 +0100

        Ok, I couldn't help it any longer. Your polite argument has
gained my attention. Sally is a fox!!!! Her father is a fox, and her
nephew Tails is a fox. To Chris Bajrd, yes Sally lackes the fur colour and
markings, but so are Tails and her father. They both have the large tails,
and the right colour, but admit it, Sally would look terrible with a huge
tail. If you continue to call Sally anything but a fox, you're making a
comparison not unlike calling Sonic a warthog even though Uncle Chuck is a
hedgehog. : p

          To the other people, she looks nothing like a weasel or a rat!
Even though in one of the Sonic comics, I think it was his special one, a
person wrote in asking Sally 's species. They replied that she was a ground
squirrel. But as stated in the above paragraph, there are too many odvious
features showing she is a fox.

          I can't beleive Antoine is a fox, it can't be possible. How could
they insult foxes so? Of course he could be, but I think a poodle suits
him. Is there any one out there that likes him?

        To the uploader of this controversy, keep it here for I want to
see how this ends!

Tarl Hoch <>

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