Re: Sonic#26:Princess Sally - a Weasel??

From: Robin Hood <>
Date: Fri, 7 Jul 1995 07:26:53 -0400 (EDT)

> Ok, I couldn't help it any longer. Your polite argument has
> gained my attention. Sally is a fox!!!! Her father is a fox, and her
> nephew Tails is a fox. To Chris Bajrd, yes Sally lackes the fur colour and
> markings, but so are Tails and her father. They both have the large tails,
> and the right colour, but admit it, Sally would look terrible with a huge
> tail. If you continue to call Sally anything but a fox, you're making a
> comparison not unlike calling Sonic a warthog even though Uncle Chuck is a
> hedgehog. : p somebody pointed out a long time ago, Sally is *not* Tails' aunt.
Remember that in the cartoon series, he also called Bunnie "Aunt Bunnie",
and everybody called Sir Charles "Uncle Chuck." And, as somebody else pointed
out a while back, the Archie people themselves have said that she is a
squirrel. Now, I know that doesn't hold water with many people :), but they
are the ones who write and draw her, so their's is a strong opinion, at any
> But as stated in the above paragraph, there are too many odvious
> features showing she is a fox.
And there's too many features that make her a squirrel as well! The shape
of her face and head being the biggest one of all.

> I can't beleive Antoine is a fox, it can't be possible. How could
> they insult foxes so? Of course he could be, but I think a poodle suits
> him. Is there any one out there that likes him?
Ahem...ze ansahr being yez. There's a lot to Antoine I think that we never
see since he is only used for comic relief most of the time. But think about
it: He has a hopeless crush on Sally, is always trying to prove himself to
her and the rest of the Freedom Fighters, and is still always coming up short
and feeling ashamed because of it. With what I've seen in my life, I can
certainly relate to that. As for being an insult to his species...I don't
think so. You could say Tails is also (foxes flying?? HA! [not my true
opinion]) or even the mascot for the Fox Kids Network (that goofy little
thing?? HA! [again, not my true opinion]), but really I don't see how you
can say any person, real or ficticious, is an insult to their species,
even tho' some people do admittedly come close. :)


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